Product Specifications

Description SS1 SS2 SS3 SS4
Production Method CZ CZ CZ CZ
Type of Crystal Mono Mono Mono Mono
Application PV/Semi. PV/Semi. PV/Semi. PV/Semi.
Typical Ingot Diameter 6 inch 8 inch 8 inch 12 inch
Maximum Crystal Length with
Additional Charge
Approx.2500 mm Approx.2500 mm Approx.2500 mm Approx.2000 mm
Process Control PLC PLC PLC PLC
Dust Filtering Metal Filter Metal Filter Metal Filter Metal Filter
Ingot Dia. Control Vision Vision Vision Vision or Pyrometer
Magnetic Lift N/A Option Ready Essential
Auto Recharge Option Option N/A N/A
Melt Temp Sensor 1 color pyrometer 1 color pyrometer 1 color pyrometer 1 color pyrometer
Load Cell [ Seed Mechanism ] N/A Applied(Option) Applied(Option) Applied(Option)

Product Strengths




1. Turnkey Offer

Turnkey Offer provides a customized grower as a total solution for customer convenience.

Auto Filter Cleaning – Dry Pump
– Metal Filter : Lifetime increased
– Auto Oxidation & Filter Cleaning
Turnkey Service – Space Utilization Maximization
– Decrease of Labor Cost, Operating, Expenses & TOH
– Eco-friendly & low carbon system
Instruments – Hot Zone Handling Tools
– Pre-Stacking Tools
– Ingot Handling Tools

2. Hot Zone

Customer-oriented design and supply are available.

3. Training

Technical training such as operation, maintenance and troubleshooting are available.

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