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S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a professional Ingot Grower manufacturer

As S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a world class manufacturer, we have a top class R&D center and excellent Conditions for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry in Korea.

Since its establishment in 1990. S-TECH Co., Ltd has been dedicated to becoming the leading provider of silicon crystalline growth systems in the solar market with more than 20 years accumulated experience. In cooperation with LG Siltron and Woongjin Energy, we achieved success by localization and commercialization of a CZ type silicon ingot grower system. In 2012, we stared to provide our products and services and to ‘GT Advanced Technologies’, one of the biggest silicone single crystalline grower makers in the world.

In 2011, we set up the one-stop assembly line in the Seongseo 5th Advanced Industrial Complex that enables the Design, Manufacture and Assembly to all together under one roof. Now we are taking one step forward to becoming the No.1 ingot grower in the market.

Korean Market share No.1 for CZ Ingot Grower for Solar Battery

Main History

Year History
1990 Established Je-il Engineering.
1993 Created Vacuum Division and manufactured High Vacuum Equipment.
1996 Expanded and relocated Je-il Engineering Business site.
2008 Commercialized Silicone Ingot Growing System for the 1st time in Korea.
2009 Incorporated as S-TECH CO., Ltd.
Selected as INNO-BIZ.
2010 Industry-University Cooperation concluded with Kyungpook National University.
Established S-TECH R&D Center.
Award of Appreciation by Woong-jin Energy
2011 Daegu City Mayoral Award
Appointed as Daegu city STAR Company
Relocated to Seongseo 5th Advanced Industrial Complex (13,530m2)
2012 Registered ISO9001
2013 Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit by the President of Republic of Korea

General Information

Items Details
Establishment January, 1990
CEO Jin-Sub, Park
Capital KRW 1 Billion
No. of Employees 50 ( March, 2015 )
Address 33, Secheon-ro 3-gil, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu 711-814, Republic of Korea
Main Products High Vacuum Eqmt / Filters Vacuum Components & Eqmt Silicone Ingot Growing System
Mgmt. Philosophy ” Our Company is together with customers “
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33, secheonlo 3gil, dasa-eub, dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
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