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To all who are visiting our S-Tech website.

S-Tech is a company specialized in manufacturing solar ingot grower.

Starting with a semiconductor ingot grower, our service provides a total solution of manufacturing PV ingot grower and all the parts necessary for the process. Our company’s growth history has been highlighted with unceasing technological innovations including anti vibration structure design, high-speed growth facility, auto lifter cleaning, compatible feeding and dumping system, and high pulling speed and short cycle time process design.

Our company-made ingot grower’s high technological excellence has been proven as our ingots have produced world’s top, high efficiency ingot cells. Also, our company is meeting our customers’ needs as we are providing services for hot-zone design and supply and training for equipment management, maintenance, and repair.

With 20 years of accumulated technological advancement and success, we are pursuing and achieving the dream of being the number one ingot grower manufacturer in the world. Furthermore, all our S-Tech employees are taking pride in being an environmentally-friendly, green, company and are dedicated to take social responsibility and maintain ethical management as a whole.

We, S-Tech, always appreciate all the interests and supports from all our customers and we ask all to be with us as we are achieving our dream to be the global leader in the solar market.

Thank you.

CEO Jin-sub, Park


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