R&D Center


We provide differentiated values for our customers


Provide Total Solution

Develop Advanced Technologies to lead our customers


The R&D Center which has World Class Technologies and Professional

Manpower provides Total Solution to achieve Cost Reduction and

Productivity Enhancement for our customers.

In addition, the R&D Center creates Diverse Values for the Future of S-Tech.




S-Tech R&D Center established in 2010 builds Customer Confidence and

develops Virtuous Circle based on Growing Facility.

Our top priority is Customer Orientation.

The R&D Center has the Leading-edge Process Technology for Productivity

Enhancement and Cost Reduction based on Professional Manpower and

Equipment and Continuous Investment, and provides our customers with Differentiated Values

S-Tech R&D Center cooperates with Related Organizations and

Universities for Government lead researches,  and realizes our vision

“Global Top Grower Maker “ through Technology development to satisfy Global Leading PV Developers.



R&D Scope

* Puller & Composite Design

* Hot zone & Process Design

* Self Verification

* CCZ & Large Size Grower R&D

* Training


Crystal Grower R&D


Process R&D


New Technology R&D


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