SS3 Ingot Grower

SS3 is the 8 inch single crystalline ingot grower of the future, with installed magnet mounting for high quality and high capacity charge and strengthening for the operators’ convenience.



Typical Ingot Diameter 8 inch
Maximum Charge Amount 204 kg
Hot Zone Size Normal 24 inch
Maximum Crystal Length Approx. 2500 mm
Pull Chamber Length 3500mm
Seed Pulling Speed (slow) 0.1~4.25 mm/min
Seed Pulling Speed (fast) 20~850 mm/min
Seed Rotating Speed 1~48 rpm
Crucible Lifting Speed (fast, slow) 0.01~200 mm/min
Crucible Lifting Capacity 500 kg
Crucible Rotating Speed 0.5~20 rpm
Crucible Lifting Stroke 600 mm (including overrun)
Power Supply Maximum Power 120 kw
Chamber Materials Inside : SUS304L
Outside : SUS304
Maximum Height Approx. 9000 mm
Ar Pressure 0.2~0.3 Mps
Max. flow : 200 L/min
Air Pressure 0.5~0.7 Mps
Max. flow : 100 L/min
Cooling Water Pressure 0.2~0.3 Mps (Pressure differential)
0.5 Mpa (Max)
Water Consumption Approx. 400 L/min
Cooling Water Inlet Temp 27~28 ℃
UPS 200V, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz
Power 2.4 kw
Back-up time: 10 mins
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