SS4 Ingot Grower

SS4 is 12 inch single crystalline ingot puller. It is oriented semi-conductor along with high resolution driving units, anti-vibration frame, and stable structure even in large charge size of melt.
SS4 has been applied to 12 inch ingot production of defect-controlled and epi-sub grade.



Typical Ingot Diameter 12 inch Semiconductor Grower
Superconducting Magnet type
Maximum Charge Amount 400 kg
Hot Zone Size Normal 32 inch
Crystal Length Approx. 2000 mm
Pull Chamber Length 3000 or 3500mm
Seed Pulling Speed (slow) 0.1~6 mm/min (Display: 3 decimals)
Seed Pulling Speed (fast) 1200 mm/min
Seed Rotating Speed 1~30 rpm (Display: 2 decimals)
Crucible Lifting Speed (fast, slow) 0.1~1 / 2~200 mm/min (Display: 3 decimals)
Crucible Lifting Capacity Approx. 1,000 kg
Crucible Rotating Speed 0.1~10 rpm (Display: 2 decimals)
Crucible Lifting Stroke 700mm (including overrun)
Power Supply Maximum Power Side heater 180 kW
Bottom heater 50kW
Chamber Materials Inside : SUS316L
Outside : SUS304
Maximum Height Approx. 10,500 mm
Ar Pressure / Flow 2~3㎏/㎠
Max. flow : 200 LPM
Air Pressure (Valve control) 4~6 ㎏/㎠
Max. flow : 100 LPM
Cooling Water Pressure 2~3 ㎏/㎠ / Max 5 ㎏/㎠
Water Consumption Approx. 600~700 LPM
Cooling Water Inlet Temp 28˚C ± 1˚C
UPS 220V, 1 ø, 50/60Hz, 3KVA
Back-up time: 10 mins